Whether you are married, cohabiting or civil partners, ending a relationship is a daunting and sometimes overwhelming prospect.

At such an emotional time, when clear heads are called for, it is often very difficult to discuss and agree on such important issues as what to do with the family home, responsibility for the children and the splitting of joint assets.

This is the time you need sensitive, practical, clear and cost-effective advice to support you through what may be a distressing and emotionally overwhelming time.

For anyone contemplating separation or divorce, it makes sense at the very least to have an initial meeting with a Family Law Solicitor who will be able to advise you on your particular circumstances and the legal options available and best suited to your situation.

Get sound advice as soon as possible

Everyone’s case is different and it will be in your best interests to secure legal advice that is tailored to you personally. By using a solicitor, they will be able to explain any potential legal complexities that might arise in your case and help you to identify the key issues relevant in deciding the appropriate financial, and other orders, between you and your former partner.

Failing to get proper advice at the outset could seriously prejudice your position.

For most people seeking a divorce, the issues which cause most concern are the finances and how they will be split, where each will live and the arrangements for the children.

With the benefit of an initial consultation with a Family Law Solicitor, not only will you be armed with the right information but hopefully you will also feel more confident in discussing these issues together with your former partner. It will be much easier for the two of you to try and negotiate a fair settlement (either just between the two of you or with a Mediator or through solicitors) if you both know your legal entitlements.

Dangers of a DIY Divorce

Cuts in Legal Aid have tempted some divorcing couples to represent themselves in Court or to use divorce websites without any understanding of the process. The Law Society warns that cut-price options are not always the best and can end up costing a lot more and adding to what is already a stressful time.

A DIY Divorce through the internet is certainly not suitable in cases where there is imbalance of power between the parties, or if one or both of them are being difficult or withholding information.

Negotiation rather than Court action

Thomas Dunton’s experienced team offer sensitive, practical and cost effective advice to guide you through this very distressing time.  We are skilled in a variety of dispute resolution techniques, including mediation.  By encouraging discussion we aim to help you resolve issues through negotiation.  If, however, court action is necessary we have the experience and conviction to ensure your interests are best represented.

With this range of techniques, we aim to resolve problems more quickly, amicably and at both a lower financial and emotional cost.  Whichever approach is adopted, our dedicated and skilled family law team will guide you through the process, providing a professional service in the most cost effective way, whilst preserving relationships whenever possible.

We are here to help

If you wish to deal with matters yourself, but just need some friendly, experienced legal advice from time to time, we are happy to help you in that way.

At Thomas Dunton, we recommend that you get legal advice as soon as possible so that you know your legal position. We offer an initial one hour fixed fee appointment at £150, plus VAT.  All your options are discussed and you can find out where you stand legally.

You will only be seen by an experienced Solicitor. Our team includes members of Resolution (Accredited Specialist), the Law Society Family Law Panel and Children Panel Accreditation Schemes.

We have been serving the public throughout Kent and the South East for nearly 40 years with clients from all areas including Bromley, Chislehurst, Orpington, Petts Wood, West Wickham and Hayes, Bexley, Dartford, Swanley, Biggin Hill, Westerham and Sevenoaks.

For more information and advice, please visit our website www.thomasduntonsolicitors.co.uk or contact us on 01689 822554 or e-mail: family@thomasdunton.co.uk

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