Most of us would not choose to be in a dispute, whether it be a substantial business issue or who keeps the pet when a relationship ends.

Yet often it is difficult to find a way around the problem without unpleasant argument. The issue is very important, often especially the principle. However, despite what is said, in fact most people do not want to “See you in Court”. Court can be expensive, stressful and time consuming; it can involve significant delay and the outcome is not as predictable as we would like.

An alternative to The Courts

Although a dispute can seem intractable, and the other party so unreasonable that discussion face to face would be impossible and pointless, an independent third party can surprisingly often help a useful discussion to come about. Almost any dispute can be resolved through mediation,

The advantages of Mediation

Disputes over inheritance, business and family matters can be especially bitter, leaving relationships destroyed. Through mediation, often not only can these be resolved with less anxiety, time and cost, but sometimes those involved can regain trust which may have been lost through misunderstanding.

Courts are very restricted in the kind of outcomes they can order. Through mediation, parties can agree almost anything which suits them!

If you are having difficulty resolving issues of any kind, whether personal or through business, why not contact us to see how we might help?

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