You are having issues with someone, either a dispute with another business, or in your personal life; how do you seek a resolution?

Should you wish, you could benefit from our years of experience in the Courtroom. However, these days there are potentially more productive and far less destructive alternatives to consider.


Where Court litigation deals in confrontation and argument, mediation encourages reasoned discussion. A skilled mediator can help you establish communication even where it has completely broken down.

Whether in business or in a personal relationship, the benefits can often include savings in emotional stress, time and cost. Even the most strained relationships can sometimes be restored and preserved, or at least brought to a close on a more respectful basis.

Ten benefits of Mediation

  1. A better chance to have your say, and explain why you feel as you do.
  2. To negotiate a solution for yourself that you are comfortable with, rather than have one forced upon you.
  3. A solution which might seem fairer to both parties than one the law might provide.
  4. A faster, less expensive solution, incurring less time and stress.
  5. The opportunity to regain mutual respect.
  6. To keep animosity to a minimum.
  7. To provide an environment in which both parties can discuss issues in a confidential  setting.
  8. To enable you to stay in control of the process and the solution.
  9. Tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of your family or business.
  10. To help, where appropriate, you continue to parent your children together.

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