When family relationships break down, everyone suffers. You may feel vulnerable and that the situation is out of your control.

Specialist legal help is needed to resolve complex problems that arise in relation to divorce, separation, children and other family issues. Important decisions may be made which will affect you and your family for years to come.

We can help you stay in control of the next chapter of your life.

Our team are available face to face, or via video consultation, so we can help you, wherever you live.

Resolving the problem

Many people would prefer to resolve family problems round a table with their partner, instead of using the Court process.

We are skilled in a variety of dispute resolution techniques, including mediation.  By encouraging discussion we aim to help you resolve issues through negotiation.  If, however, court action is necessary we have the experience and conviction to ensure your interests are best represented.

With this range of techniques, we aim to resolve problems more quickly, amicably and at both a lower financial and emotional cost.  Whichever approach is adopted, our dedicated and skilled family law team will guide you through the process, providing a professional service in the most cost effective way, whilst preserving relationships whenever possible.

We are here to help

If you wish to deal with matters yourself, but just need some friendly, experienced legal advice from time to time, we are happy to help you in that way.

At Thomas Dunton, we recommend that you get legal advice as soon as possible. All your options are discussed and you can find out where you stand legally.

You will only be seen by an experienced Solicitor. Our experienced Family Law Team includes members of:

  • Resolution (including Accredited Specialist in Complex Financial Remedies, Private Children Law and Child Abduction)
  • Law Society’s Children Law Scheme (Accredited Specialist)
  • Association of Lawyers for Children.

Accordingly, we have been formally accredited by the Law Society and other specialist professional bodies as having the skills and experience necessary to represent all aspects of family law.

Please click on video to hear Catherine Crabtree talk about the importance of a Will if you have children.

For more information and advice, please contact us on 01689 822554 or e-mail: family@thomasdunton.co.uk.

Our team are available face to face, or via video consultation, so we can help you wherever you live.

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