Linda Charman was recommended as an excellent solicitor with expertise within the arena of the Care Act, Adult Social Services and Care Homes. I needed advice and support in advocating in the most effective way for my elderly friend for whom I hold a Power of Attorney (POA).

I found Linda to be professional, and genuinely interested and reassuring from the very first meeting. It was obvious that she understood the serious challenges encountered by individuals such as myself trying to engage positively with the elderly Social Services team and Care Home management. She was able to advise, guide and support me with great clarity. Meetings were highly constructive, and telephone calls and documentation were punctual and used to good effect.

Her quiet competent manner and expertise not only provided me with the confidence I needed, but also demonstrated to the agencies I was dealing with the seriousness with which I treated the issue, and my role as POA for my friend.

I have no doubt that Linda’s intervention, knowledge and continual support brought about the highly satisfactory outcome I achieved, both for me as POA and for my friend whose voice was able to be heard.

I hold Linda in the highest regard and will always be happy to recommend her.

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