Important information about your Wills and Documents from Peter Zelnik

 Peter Zelnik has retired due to ill health. He would like to thank his clients for their support over the years and hopes that he has been of service to them. If you have been a client you should had received a letter at your last know address to inform you that Thomas Dunton Solicitors in Orpington  (Thomas Dunton, 217-219 High Street, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0NZ
01689 822554) have kindly agreed to look after any the documents that may have been left with me for safe keeping including Wills, Powers of Attorney and other important documentary items in their fireproof safe until requested.

They have also agreed to hold, in their archives, files of other client papers, such as correspondence and court documents. They will take over the obligation to keep these files for six years following the date of the final bill on the understanding that they have the authority to destroy them after that time.

If you have not received any commutation about this you may, however, prefer to hold the documents yourself or make other arrangements.  Therefore, if you wish to do so, you may collect your documents from Thomas Dunton. Please contact them on the above number and make sure the documents have been retrieved for your collection. When you collect your documents, you must ensure that you bring photo identification with you, and proof of entitlement if you are collecting these on behalf of someone else. If more than one person is entitled to collect the file(s)/documents, the authority and identification of all persons entitled will be required.  For example, if title deeds or correspondence relate to jointly owned property then Thomas Dunton will require that either both owners collect the file(s)/documents and sign a receipt or the person collecting the file(s)/documents has the written authority of the other.  If the authority of the other person is not available then copies will be available and charged for at Thomas Dunton’s standard rate for supply of copies. When you
contact Thomas Dunton they will specify any other requirements.

We have also informed the Solicitors Regulation Authority that Thomas Dunton Solicitors have agreed to look after these papers.

It is generally wise to review Wills every three to five years, to ensure that they are still appropriate given changes in family circumstances. Particularly important events would include marriage or a new partnership, divorce or separation, retirement or the death of anyone involved in your Will.

If you have not yet made a Lasting Power of Attorney, there is a very useful article at on how these can help to provide peace of mind by planning for the future.

Whilst Thomas Dunton Solicitors are not formally taking over my business, and are not therefore a “successor” to this practice, I know they would be pleased to hear from you with any legal enquiry, and I enclose a copy of their newsletter I case it is of interest to you.  I believe they will be more suitable for most of my clients as they are a friendly, local practice and will be able to offer you a more personal service than larger, ‘call-centre’ type lawyers.  This response is as a result of an email sent to an email address, which includes “” and it may contain confidential information.  There is also a possibility of a conflict of interest.  It has therefore not been forwarded to Thomas Dunton and when you discuss the issues with them you should be aware of this.

Once again may I thank you for entrusting your legal affairs to me, and I wish you well for the future.

Yours sincerely

Peter Zelnik

9th July 2013

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