Test your knowledge on everyday legal issues.

Question One: After Christmas dinner, you decide to cut your mother-in-law out of your Will. You cross out her name in pen and initial it. Is this valid?   Yes or No

Question Two: While spending Boxing Day with your family, you snap and decide to leave your whole estate to your dog. Can you?   Yes or No

Question Three: On New Year’s Eve, your spouse questions your judgment, you argue and decide to divorce. Will a divorce revoke your Will?  Yes or No

Question Four: Your New Year’s resolution is to have a Lasting Power of Attorney, but you don’t want a family member as your attorney. Can you choose anyone?  Yes or No

Question Five: In the summer, you fall madly in love and, after a whirlwind romance, you marry someone new. Do you need a new Will?   Yes or No

Question Six: Nine months later, you have a child. Do you need to change your Will to provide for her? Yes or No

Question Seven: You are deeply in debt having bought all the latest toys for your child. Will your debts be wiped out if you die?   Yes or No

Question Eight: Some years later, you win the lottery and you give your child a house with a pool. Will she have to pay any tax?   Yes or No

Question Nine: Your daughter dies unexpectedly and her Will leaves everything to her boyfriend. You don’t like him and want the house back. Can you?   Yes or No

Bonus Question: The Orpington Cenotaph and Memorial is an iconic landmark in the town. In which year was it unveiled? 1921 1931 1951

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