Wills for the Hospice Week –  28th September – 2nd October

Over the last few months we’ve all realised that we can’t control the future. However, with our help, you can plan for it.

A will provides peace of mind whatever life throws at you. It shows those you love, how much you care.

Because of this, we’ve set up  Wills for the Hospice Week.

How does Wills for the Hospice work?

During ‘Wills for the Hospice’ week we will be donating some of the costs involved in writing your will to St Christopher’s Hospice.

We have a limited number of appointments so please call during the week of 28th September to 2nd October to book yours.

Quote ‘Wills for the Hospice’ when you call. The appointment does not need to take place during this time, just the booking. The appointment can be whenever is convenient to you.

Covid-19 guidelines mean that your appointment may be held remotely;  either over the phone or via a video consultation.

We’ll discuss this with you, and how to sign and have your will witnessed, when you make your appointment.

As we’re giving some of our time, we ask that you consider giving something too.

St Christopher’s Hospice is a truly remarkable organisation, and leaving them a legacy in your will can help them to continue their work.

We ask that you consider doing this for them, however we won’t pressurise you into it. The choice is a personal one.

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